Wande Adalemo (FIDPM) 42 , Founder of Atmosphere and CEO of Wave 5 Wireless Limited, is a serial entrepreneur and has skills and background in Telecommunication, Wi-Fi and Software Development, with 18 years‟ hands on experience in the wireless industry including 15 years of broadband related technologies. He leads a team at WAVE5 WIRELESS on a mission to accelerate hyper-connected consumer clusters in Sub Saharan Africa and to re-imagine the creation, provision, distribution and monetization of value for the same using Next Generation Wi-Fi technology, Cloud and Value Added services over pervasive Broadband Network.

In 2001, At Connectivity Resources Limited, Mr. Adalemo was on the team that tweaked the H.323 protocol for Phoneserve, UK which allowed the VoIP Softphone to work behind NAT systems for the African market. As the head of new markets research for Connectivity Resource LTD, an internet communication firm in Lagos, he headed the technical team that set up the prepaid calling card and ISP arm of the firm. He oversaw the transmission of Voice over a single carrier per channel satellite connection.

In 2005, IBN ( a broadband startup he co-founded) and GIPX UK, teamed up to form the Internet communication firm, CrossNetWireless, specializing in wholesale and residential VOIP; Mr. Adalemo was named Chief Technology Officer for the company and charged with the responsibility of the evolution of simple interconnect gateways to the PSTN and class 5 soft switches for the H.323 protocol along the latest SIP protocol for use in NextGen VoIP Networks. He oversaw the network deployment of CrossNetWireless VoIP and broadband infrastructure in New York, Lagos, and Accra.

In 2012, At Oxygen Broadband Networks Limited, Wande setup Nigeria‟s first and largest Metro-Wi-Fi network with over 200,000 devices connected in just 24 months of going live. He had 43 live Wi-Fi hotspots in Lagos with a target to install 650 Wi-Fi hotspots. He Launched Nigeria‟s first Metro Wi-Fi Network at the Computer Village, Ikeja as the pilot phase of an ambitious Statewide Wi-Fi project with a World Class Data Center with capacity for over 1,000,000 Wi-Fi devices. In March 2013 His Metro Wi-Fi network took up a new dimension, with 10 new hotspot locations spread across Lagos and Wi-Fi delivery to homes in Surulere. In April 2013 Oxygen Broadband was named Wi-Fi Company of the year by „TITIAN of TECH‟ awards. In September 2013 Wande launched Nigeria‟s Largest Wi-Fi Network with Chicken Republic, Nigeria‟s leading fast food chain signing up with Oxygen. Oxygen had over 40 hotspot locations in Lagos. The engineering behind Wande‟s Software Defined Wi-Fi network has been described as groundbreaking by Google, Intel, Vodacom and a host of other Tech giants. The ability of subscribers to have one single account with automatic login at any of the hotspots is a first in Nigeria. No other ISP has this ability. Wande is the ICT WizKId of the year 2014 (Nigeria Telecom Award) while his Oxygen Broadband is the “Best Wi-Fi Provisioning of the Year 2014” at the Nigeria Telecom Awards 2014.

Wande has been speaking at Tech Events such as Nigeriacom, e-Nigeria, CTO and Ministry of Communication events in the last 4 years.

In 2015 Wande Left Oxygen to another startup Wave5Wireless. Wave5Wireless‟ first product is Atmosphere. Atmosphere® is a Wave5Wireless brand that reimagines high speed broadband as the new normal. Atmosphere® is a robust and ubiquitous Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) built on the latest 4G last mile technology that delivers 250Mbps pipelines for the distribution of various utilities and services to the Nigerian Public.

Atmosphere is a value aggregator for different consumer segment being delivered over an almost ubiquitous network underpinned by a sophisticated SOA CRM database.

In March 2019 He was appointed Director, Sponsors and Partners at Founder Institute, the world‟s largest pre-seed accelerator. He oversees the Lagos Chapter.

Wande‟s immediate future plan is to deliver fiber like speeds (1Gbps) over Wi-Fi at the most affordable cost. This will see the delivery of TV, voice and data for the first time over a single data network.


  • He is passionate about his vision and goals to see a broadband-driven Nigeria.
  • Wande mentors Entrepreneurs
  • A Lover of good books.
  • Enjoys participating in intelligent forums